Fees, Dues, Subsciptions, Levies...

Tracking of fees, or whatever your club calls them, is key for the well being of any club. Club2ic keeps a history of all fee payments made by each member.

Clubs can have either Fixed Renewal dates (i.e. everyone renews on the same date), or Rolling Renewal dates (i.e. members renew on their anniversary of joining). The system can print or email a personalised Renewal Notice (i.e. Invoice) for all or just selected members.

A Capture Fees function records details of amounts paid and the member's Fees status is automatically updated to Paid or Part Paid. If a payment is for a Family then all, or selected, family members are updated at the same time.

Fee payments can be split into Membership fees and Other fees (e.g. coaching, key, teams). There are reports to instantly see an analysis of fees received by month, and a Fees Search (e.g. Find all juniors who paid for coaching this year.)

Club2ic also enables online registration and payment of fees. Many clubs are going this way as it gets the money in quickly and cuts down the Treasurer's work. Even new members can register online from a link on your website or an email.

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